Women Who Ride Are Happier & More Fulfilled- DUH


Marisa Miller, model, actress, and woman who rides.

A private study funded by Harley Davidson concluded that women who ride are happier and more fulfilled… reeeeeally? Of course we are!

It seems so obvious to me, but let’s see what the study had to say.

“More and more women are, in fact, riding. A 2012 study by the Motorcycle Industry Council found that women accounted for 12% of U.S. motorcyclists — up from 10.5% in 2009.
The study, in which 1,013 riders and 1,016 non-riders were interviewed by the market research company Kelton Global, seems to bear that out. The results say female riders are happier in their careers, happier in their friendships, happier with their home lives, and twice as likely to be ‘extremely satisfied’ with their sex lives.”

So long story short- women who ride are happier, more confident, and more satisfied. I whole heartedly agree!

This ‘data’ goes back to some points in my article, “10 Reasons You Should Date A Motorcyclist”.

Read the rest of the findings of the study on LATimes.com »

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