Women Who Wrench and Ride


I received this note from a reader recently, and wanted to expand on her comments. Firstly, thank you Becca for the kind words. Super awesome to hear you wrench and ride yourself. You are definitely not alone!

As for lady riders who also wrench, check out this list of other awesome motoladies you can follow online.

1. Sofi Tsingos of Cafe Racer for Cause (gt-moto.com)
Sofi is from Texas and currently working on a cafe racer build for charity. You can read her guest article about the project here.


2. Shasta Smith of the Vintage Monkey (thevintagemonkey.com)
Shasta works mainly on vintage motorcycles doing restoration and the works, she runs a garage in Sacramento.

3. Leah Petersen of LeahStunts (leahstunts.com)
Leah is currently living in Los Angeles, is a professional stunt rider, and is damn handy with a camera, too.


4. Aileen Guenther of the Moto Quest (themotoquest.com)
Based out of Germany, Aileen is currently building the bike she’ll ride around the world on. Her quest will be catalogued in full detail… I for one am excited.

5. J Shia of Madhouse Motors (facebook page)
Her shop in Massachusettes, Madhouse Motors, is a family run business. J is the lead mechanic, restores and customizes all types of motorcycles, is a mother and photographer.


That concludes this edition of Women Who Wrench & Ride. Feel free to submit yourself or others here for a chance at a future feature!

more wrenching photos ☣

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